Body Treatments

DMK has created the ultimate skin workout tailored specifically to target your butt and backs of the upper thighs. Targeting all the main causes of cellulite; poor lymphatic drainage, circulatory function, collagen production, weakened skin cells and tissue. Bootyzyme is great for revising cellulite, firming and smoothing your booty!

This treatment includes: a Light Skin Peel, Body Enzyme and a Body Sculpting Infusion.

Body Enzyme Therapy contours while encouraging the skin to perform better. It increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, strengthens and firm’s skin. It is excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, as well as the treatment of ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.

Can treat: arms, breast, chest, back, tummy, thighs, booty or lower legs.

Help minimise the appearance of cellulite and discover a firmer body. The DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is a treatment designed to help reshape and sculpt the body. It provides a dramatic reduction in cellulite by creating a thermogenic effect. It increases circulation, eliminates waste material and can provide effective tightening and toning. It assists in revising the appearance of cellulite and puffy areas.

Can treat: arms, breast, chest, back, tummy, thighs, booty or lower legs.

Get rid of backne!

Promoting long-term skin health benefits, the Purifying Back Treatment effectively and painlessly clears out clogged pores, improve acne-prone, oily or congested skins. It also removes dead surface cells and provides intense hydration for ageing, dull or dehydrated skins.